Quality content recirculation vs. rubbish content recommendation

Quality content recirculation vs. rubbish content recommendation

If money were paid for every argument against the current content recommendation plague affecting media brands, a few people in the industry would be rich. Not the media companies employing third-party recommendation solutions, though, which will later certainly pay the price for the quick and easy revenue they are making today.

This time, looking at the challenge from a different perspective, I want to explore the psychological and practical aspects of the bizarre phenomenon, and propose a strong alternative.

Puzzling behaviours 

What would it take for premium media owners to focus on maximising each other’s quality propositions, strengthening the category and themselves? What would be needed to stop them being active participants in the totally counterproductive practice of enabling companies representing the exact opposite of their values and objectives?

Why are executives working for quality media brands so uninterested in breaking the vicious cycle of tactics that will negatively affect their main advertising revenues in the medium and long term? What makes them so willing to sell away their own company’s reputation and environment in exchange for immediate rewards?